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August Class Schedule

This August, join Tiffany for an exploration of The 5 Elements & 3 Doshas! Enjoy this series of 10 classes in a slow flow style that will incorporate the alignment specifics from the Optimal Blueprint series. Expect less geeky details and more traditional asana linking breath to movement!

Each class will explore one of the 5 elements and how they combine to make up the Doshas - Kapha, Vatta & Pitta. If you’re curious about how your personal constitution is created, this yogic view will offer deep personal insights to enhance your practice of living yoga as a lifestyle.

All Class Times Are US Mountain Time

Plant yourself in patience, thoughtfulness, practicality, hard work, and stability. The earth element is nurturing and seeks to draw all things together in order to bring harmony, rootedness and stability. Class focus: standing & balance postures.
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Expand with liquidity, acceptance and receptivity. The water element is centered in our hips and pelvis. By embracing the water element, we allow ourselves to flow more effortlessly with the situations in our lives. Class focus: hip openers.
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Kapha = Earth + Water
Increase feelings of lightness, warmth and vitality while decreasing feelings of heaviness, coldness and lethargy. Class focus: energy boosting Sun Salutations with mindful & fluid transitions.
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Turn up your energy by accessing bright, upward-moving, and spreading power. Fire in balance is affectionate and compassionate, naturally joyful, generous and enthusiastic. Enhance digestion and elimination, healthy skin, and bright, clear eyes. Class focus: core & twists.
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Pitta = Water + Fire
Let go of competitive tendencies and comparisons—on and off the mat. Relax and stay present to move accumulated fire quality to evenly spread throughout the body for the natural glow and natural radiance that comes from balance. Class focus: cooling heart & hip openers.
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This class will be pre-recorded. Lift your spirits with a loving and compassionate practice to access lightheartedness. Open the heart, lungs and front of your body to aid the connection to your breath. Class focus: pranayama & heart openers.
The most subtle of the elements, ether is all about space and openness. Create space between breath, space in our joints for more easeful movement, and space in our minds by quieting our thoughts and becoming more present. Class focus: cat/cow unfolds in all poses & meditation.
Vatta = Air + Ether
Balancing the air and ether with the opposing energy of the earth element can help ease the anxiety, nervousness, fatigue and digestive issues. Class focus: forward folds & twists.
Transition from Summer to Fall
Harness the fire of the summer to burn off excess energy, get grounded, turn inward, and direct your attention toward something new. Class focus: hip openers, twists, & arm balances.
Facebook Forum
A class based on questions from members of the Facebook Forum, a private group for The Kula Connection with Tiffany Wood members. Those who registered for the July and/or August monthly class membership will be invited to join via email and may also join by requesting access on Facebook.